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First Line Electric Division

Fire Prevention...

We install, service and monitor fire alarm systems in homes, businesses & schools. We provide a fire alarm system designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes such as smoke, heat & carbon monoxide. For Class A & B fires such as grease, grill or gas fires, we provide connections to the Ansul Fire Suppression System.

Fire Alarm Strobe Mounted on the WallFire alarms are classified as automatic, manual or a combination of both. Automatic detection such as heat and smoke detectors along with pull stations for manual activation can help evacuate a building in the event of a fire or prompt other types of emergencies. Magnetic door closer's help contain fires from spreading throughout the building.

A dependable system will contain a Fire Alarm Control Panel, initiating devices, notification appliances, a reliable primary power source along with a secondary rechargeable battery for backup in case of a power outage.

Our Commitment

Working together, First Line Datacom will address your networking needs from the initial idea to final system acceptance, every step of the way...

Our CT LIC# is E1-184878 and we are fully insured.

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  • Smoke Detectors
  • Duct Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Manual Pull Stations
  • Audible Speakers
  • Visual Strobes
  • CO2
  • Magnetic Door Holders
  • Key Lock Boxes
  • Water-flow detectors
  • Ansul System
  • Battery Backup
  • Cellular Backup
  • Monitoring

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